I took part to this climbing action in Stockholm. It aimed at weaking public interest for the critic an Vattenfalls coal policy an for the Ende Gelände action of civil desobediance in Germany in a few weeks. I publish the Robin Wood Presse release about the action.

Stockholm, 27th of April 2016] At the same time as the Vattenfall Annual General Meeting activists of ROBIN WOOD have been protesting today in Stockholm against the sale of the lignite assets in Eastern Germany to Czech energy company EPH (Energetický a Prumyslovy Holding) and its financial partner PPF Investments. Around 9 o'clock, they hung up a banner with the text “Don't sell the Climate. End Coal Now!” at "Katarinahissen", one of the town's landmarks (a passenger elevator in Stockholm that connects Slussen, the lock area, to the heights of Södermalm). The action likely runs until noon. The German and Swedish activists are demanding that the Swedish government stop the deal between Vattenfall and EPH and take responsibility for climate, environment and society and the local community in Lusatia. “Sweden's motto seems to be 'Out of sight, out of mind',” says Philip Bedall, Energy Campaigner at ROBIN WOOD. “Instead of initiating a controlled coal exit, the Swedish government wants to evade responsibility for climate protection and workers, leaving the field to a tough investor with the billionaire Petr Kellner at the top. For decades Vattenfall has earned money on the lignite, now Vattenfall shall also pay for the consequences.”