Translation of my article "Die Bruchlinien von Cigéo" published in German in the ROBIN WOOD Magazin 2/2018

The article has been written at the beginning of 2018 and translated into Englisch by Peter D. Hays (Thank you!)

FYI: An other good article translated into English deeling with the resitance in Bure und Repression ist called "The nuclear zeal of justice".

The plan to establish a permanent nuclear waste storage site at Bure in France runs into determinated resistance.

The French government wants tu build a permanent nuclear waste site for high an medium radioactive nuclear waste in deep geological strata at Bure in Lorraine (France). The construction contract fpr Cigéo ist supposed to be awarded in 2019, bit the first preparation work has already begun. At the same time, resistance to the controversial project has been getting in Motion.